From right to left The Publicans are:
Peeg vocals mandolin, Lindsay Gee whistle vocals, Craig Palmer guitar vocals spoons,
Vania Vitillo vocals guitar bass, Jon Bull piano, Stew Black bass vocals, Simon Lambert drums vocals 

The 14 Legged Beast That Aught to Know Better. 

What started out with a song lamenting the closing of our favourite pub somehow grew into a lively heap of true and untrue stories about life, love, drink and the inappropriate use of dairy squirty cream. Our style is mix of Irish folk and English indie, played with reckless enthusiasm and good humor.
As a great man once said ‘There’s nothing to be gained by a wet thing called a tear.'
Not all our songs are happy but there’s no harm seeking light in the darkness.

Gig List..

Friday 13th March 2019

Cheltenham Gold Cup Day
The Riverside - Midsomer Norton

Blow your winnings or forget your losses with a titanic knees up and piss up at Tony’s awesome boozer!!

Session on from 7.00pm

115 High St, Midsomer Norton, Radstock BA3 2DA


Friday 10th January 2020

Flan O’Briens - Bath

Dry January? Don’t be a Dafty! We’re here to guide you back to the one true path.

Session on from 9.30pm

21 Westgate St, Bath BA1 1EP

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Here we are playing ‘McManus'
at The Cabbage Patch - Twickenham 
Saturday 2nd November 2019

Friday 1st November 2019

Flan O’Briens - Bath

Love this pub, its awesome landlord and its splendid punters!

Session on from 9.30pm

Flan O'Briens, 21 Westgate St, Bath BA1 1EP

Saturday 14th to Sunday 15th December 2019

The Melton Mowbray Christmas Folk Trail

Two days six gigs and at least one collosal piss up

Saturdays gigs
The Half Moon - 2.40  •  The Crown Inn - 4.00  •  The Generous Briton - 7.20

Sundays gigs
The Harboro Hotel - 2.00  •   BeerHeadz - 5.20   •   The Boat -7.20

The Melton Mowbray Christmas Folk Trail is completly free and takes place in pubs and restaurants in the town centre of Melton Mowbray.
It is organised by the Melton Folk Club and features a huge roster of acts from all over the country. We love it!!
The following is from the Melton Folk website and sums up the vibe of the fest and their splendid attitude to music and creative performance:
"We encourage a wide variety of styles within our club, almost to the point of "All Music is Folk Music". From Medieval and Renaissance lute music and song, through folk song and dance of later centuries, to the more recent folk revival and singer/songwriter genre. We also encourage the reading and writing of poetry as an adjunct to the music. We embrace the various traditions of music of the British Isles and the Blues and Country music of the USA, along with less well known styles of the rest of the world"

Thursday 26th December 2019

The Riverside Christmas Party
Midsomer Norton

An absolutely brilliant way to get over turkey sweats.
A bar full of brilliant people, a bouncey castle for the kids and a band to have a bloody good dance to!!

Session on from 3.30pm

Tickets £5 in advance from the bar.

115 High St, Midsomer Norton, Radstock BA3 2DA

Saturday 28th December 2019

The Rolleston Arms Hotel - Swindon

First time at the is legendary Swindon music venue.

Session on from 9.00pm

73 Commercial Road, Swindon , SN1 5NX

Saturday 28th March 2019

The Queen’s Tap - Swindon

First time at the is legendary Swindon music venue.

Session on from 9.00pm

73 Commercial Road, Swindon , SN1 5NX

Saturday 24th August 2019

Midsomer Norton Rugby Club

Family fun day with the sweary, drunken hoard that is The Publicans

Session on from 2.00pm


Sunday 17th March 2019

Tap Social - St Patricks Day - Oxford

A brewery and a bar run by brilliant people, ‘nuff said.

Session on from 3.00pm

27 Curtis Industrial Estate, North Hinksey Lane, Oxford OX2 0LX

Saturday 24th August 2019

The Bath Brew House - Bath

It’s a brewery AND a pub what’s not to like!!!

Session on from 9pm

14 James Street West, BA1 2BX

Saturday 13th July 2019

The Big Gig - Midsomer Norton

The Publicans bring the craic to this monster one day fest in Somerset's golden north.

Session on from 4.30pm

Paulton Rovers football ground, Winterfield Rd, BS39 7RF Paulton

Secondary Band-Photo


Some songs about drinking and stuff

Here’s a few songs from the set
There’s more drunken nonsense on our Bandcamp page.


Steamboat Song

I’ll point two fingers to the sky,
you can kiss my arse goodbye

Listen with...

Stowford Press. When you absolutely, positively got to get completely pissed, accept no substitutes.

Dublin Stagg-Cover-512

The Dublin Stag

Concerns the adventures of the 27 legged beast in the capital of Éire

Listen with...

Mark recommends
Guinness with a Jameson chaser, repeat.


(the Bastard)

The best pub ever,
where even Death would not set foot.

Listen with...

Peeg recommends Thatchers Gold or a skin full of Thatchers Katy if you really fancy a Wunderbar NDE!


Six ’til Two

The battle of the pay cheque,
as It was in 1981 

Listen with...

15 pints of Hofmeister followed by a scrap in the Jack o’ Lent (for that full 80’s retro feeling)

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