Here’s a few demos to keep you going until we get off our arses and record something properly. 

The Wunderbar was a cellar bar in Midsomer Norton. It had been the Vine & Victuals and “The Wine Bar” but it was always the centre of a glorious music scene. When it took me to its beer-drenched, fag stained bosom it gave me life long friends and changed me forever. When it closed I thought it needed a musical epitaph and a Pogues-style drinking song seemed the right thing to do. When I was there, with my friends on the outside of a skinful after a brilliant gig, at times, I felt immortal. The song is mostly fiction, but the last verse is fact, and like several members of the band, we’ve all had to face our own mortality in very direct ways. This song celebrates that splendid bar and the fact that The Bastard hasn’t got us yet.

Wunderbar (The Bastard)

I was just a young man
When first he came for me
I bet my life for a game of chance
best 2 out of 3
While he counts his chips
I gives yer man the slip
I went drinking underground
I was nowhere to be found

Wunderbar Wunderbar
I’ll be singing Wunderbar
When The Bastard comes for me
I’ll be singing Wunderbar

Next time that he caught me
In the summer of ’94
He said there’ll be no games this time
I’ve come to take you down
And while he fetched his scythe
A taxi did arrive
I went drinking underground
I was nowhere to be found

The Bastard finally caught me
In the spring of ‘oh fifteen
He brought his mate Big C
An they thought they’d done for me!
I was led out deathly ill
When they moved in for the kill
But when they pulled the covers down
I was nowhere to be found.

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This song is about a stagg weekend in Dublin, no, really. For the most part it's a true story. The only deviation is that it was me that threw up on my shoes, in fact I threw up A LOT!!

The Dublin Stagg

Early Doors in the 5am
15 Pints then on the plane
High up in the sky, lads
Across the Irish Sea
To a pretty little city
That’s a sore eyed sight to see

The Dublin Stagg is a crazy beast
27 Legs from the north south west and east
In a town that likes a drink
He never stood a chance
He’ll never drink it dry
But by god he’s gonna try

Full Irish in the pub by the 10am
Guinness down the neck the and the same again
We're singing in the bar boys
As we watch our horses lose
It's time to cross Liffey
And let the creature loose

Threw up on his shoes
Passed out in the loos
Argued with Malone
From the county of Tyrone
He lost all his wonga
Had a little chat with the Garda
In a month or two he’ll say
This was the best night night of his life

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I’ll point two fingers to the sky, you can kiss my arse good bye. ‘nuff said.

The Southampton Steamboat Song

All the lads from the town, we signed up on a sunny day
And we sang as we marched, as to war we sailed away
Well we fought tooth and nail, and we died in machine gun hail
While my brother choked gas, I came home without a scratch

Well I see it in their eyes, all the mams, who lost their sons
They wonder why I'm alive, when their precious boys have died
The bitterness of grief runs like poison on their tongues,
So they called me a deserter and a traitor to my friends

Far Away, far away
Far across the shiny sea
Far away, far away
That's where I'm gonna be
Far away, far away
When Southampton's far behind
I'll point two fingers to the sky
You can kiss my arse goodbye

I got a visit from the Constable, a visit from the priest
A visit from the footy boys, who beat me to a paste
Left a rope upon the table, to do the decent thing
But fuck if l'll top my self, after all the death I’ve seen.

The enemy were bastards of this I have no doubt
But the bastards I came home to made wonder what we'd fought about
The aristocracy is claiming victory for themselves
I wish a million bone white crosses would fall upon their heads.

Well I drink myself half blind to dull the horrors in my mind
But no matter how I try I can't leave the front behind.
So I drink till I'm undone But I still hear the guns
And still, I hear them screaming, still see them dying, one by one.

So I stood in fields of crosses and said goodbye to me lads
And took the boat to god knows where, I’m never coming back
A New World is a-callin' where ever that may be
And as for dear old Blighty, she can sink into the sea.

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Some of us never quite grow up...

The Rising Sun

The Rising Sun

Many years ago I liked a drink or two
Truth be told I still do
When it all gets too much for this family man
I walk into a pub and drink everything I can

So kiss me on the cheek and send me on me way
I'll be back again with the new born day
When the cider, beer and whiskey of the long night's done
I'll come crawling through the door with the rising sun

These years have made me a sensible man
And I pull my weight the best I can
But the beast inside calls me now and then
And I like to go out and get shitfaced with my friends

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